Down to earth counseling services

Looking for the right counselor can be intimidating. What is a good fit? What areas of specialty do I need in a therapist? Will my counselor be able to relate to me and my problems?  Our down to earth counselors are ready to help answer your questions because we know that finding the right counselor for you is important.

Down To Earth

The Counselors at Hyder Counseling and Consulting pride themselves in offering down to earth counseling services. What that means is that we are real people who know the difficulties of life. No matter what you are dealing with or what situation you find yourself in, you can trust that when you walk into our offices you are walking into a caring, relatable, non-judgemental environment that meets you right where you are at. We understand that the counseling experience can feel intimidating. That is why we work hard to help you feel comfortable, cared for, and safe. 

Give us a call at 847-224-9890. Ask us all your questions. We want to make this process less intimidating.

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